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Cheap Flights To Bali

Book early

Do you remember a time when last minute flights were cheap? Back in the good old days you could book last minute flights for next-to-nothing. If the airlines struggled to fill seats they’d rather make a small profit than no profit at all so you’d find flights for less than $10.

These days it doesn’t work like that.

The airlines realised that everyone was waiting until the very last minute to book their flights so they put a stop to last minute flights pretty quickly.

Lots of studies suggest the best time to book your flights is 6-weeks before you travel. I usually book about 3-4 months in advance but I’ve been known to book 10 months in advance too.

Delete your browsing history

Have you ever noticed that every time you go back to check the price of a flight, the price has risen ever so slightly? That’s because your internet history is traced. When the website you’re checking realises you want that flight they start upping the price – especially if it’s the 10th time this week you’ve checked the price! They’re sneaky buggers.

The solution?

Clear your internet browsing history and you’re essentially starting again from scratch.

(Just Google it if you don’t know how to do this – it varies slightly depending on what browser you’re using.)

Always use flight comparison websites

Always, always, always start your search with a flight comparison site like Skyscanner. This sites will help you find the best airline, dates and routes. we did some research into finding out the cheapest flight comparison website on the net. Put it to the test and see what it finds you!OriginPerth, AustraliaPERDestinationDenpasar, IndonesiaDPSDepart dateReturn date1 passengereconomy сlassSearch Show hotels


Pack hand luggage only

If you’re going to be flying with any budget airlines, don’t pay for baggage. It might only be $15 or $35 for your bag but every penny counts!

Once you start travelling with just hand luggage, you’ll never want to travel with a heavy bag again.

Be flexible with dates

This is another reason to book your flights a long way in advance – so you can be flexible with your flight dates. When I’m initially browsing flights, I’ll often select ‘Whole Year’ or ‘Whole Month’ (available on Skyscanner) rather than a specific date and you’ll be able to find the cheapest time of year to fly.

Leave on a Wednesday

Flying on a Wednesday is often the cheapest option. It also means you only have a 2-day week in work and who doesn’t love a 2-day week!

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