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How to Survive Bali Belly

Bali holidays are paradise but there is one thing that most travellers will try to avoid like the plague but it will catch up with them nonetheless. What i’m saying is the threatening Bali belly, which is a nasty form of traveller’s diarrhoea. (You can basically get it everywhere in the world. ) Not only can it knock you out for an complete week, give you a sense of feeling fragile for a few more but on top of it all, it can result in sickness and diarrhoea as well as actual a fever. So here’s how to prevent it and – if you’ll still get it: how to deal best with Bali Belly.

What are the Traveler’s Diarrhea Symptoms?

Onset traveller’s diarrhoea you may be able to identify quite quickly. Diarrhoea is usually identified as having watery feces at least three periods during a allnight period. The more severe diarrhea gets, the more typically the urgency to race to be able to the toilet instantly raises. You will nauseous, bloated and cramped.

  • Abdominal bloating, cramps and pain
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Urgency/frequency in going to the toilet
  • Mild temperature
  • Feeling weak and uneasy

How Long Does Bali Belly Last?

Typically, the symptoms clear upwards after one day but with more severe traveller’s diarrhoea, it can take a few more days. A few Bali visitors complain about weakness and belly distress a week after as well. This may also be because of to weak immune system and the change in climate when coming or leaving Bali. Never overexert yourself.

The Difference between Bali Belly and Food Poisoning?

Bali belly, traveller’s diarrhoea, and food poisoning are really different things though they will have shared symptoms. Although diarrhoea usually clears upwards after a day, meals poisoning will hit an individual much harder. You can feel the first symptoms a couple of hours later already and and then you happen to be pretty much attached to the toilet for days.

On top of the diarrhoea, cramps and common weakness, you will also commonly knowledge nausea and vomiting. Although this is happening additionally, you will lose your appetite and maybe develop a mild a fever and headache.

This furthermore will naturally clean up right after three days. (Again, healing coal and energy refreshments help. ) When you start going through high fever, your diarrhoea doesn’t disappear, you get critically dehydrated, you have weakling urine and/or you have got trouble seeing or talking, go see a doctor right away! Your travel insurance should cover such emergencies. So whether or not you have to pay out of pocket first, you will definately get your money back later.

What Causes Traveler’s Diarrhea?

Usually, it had to do with your food in addition to drink consumption. The perpetrators could be bacteria, parasitic organisms, viruses or a combination. In a fifth associated with all cases, no certain reason is detected. Germs causing Bali belly can be e. coli, salmonella, shigella or campylobacter in addition to usually cause a whole lot of cramps and belly pain. With parasites, the particular symptoms lean more towards bloody stool and also a lengthier time with diarrhoea plus sickness. Viruses leading to traveller’s diarrhoea are mostly norovirus and rotavirus.

  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Viruses
  • Unknown causes

What to Do for Travelers Diarrhea Prevention

Half of all travellers to Bali contract Bali belly, in accordance with BIMC Hospital. In brief, everyone can get traveller’s diarrhea but if you act like you are diabetic, immunosupressed, take H2 antagonist or antacids or have inflammatory bowel disease, your danger is much higher. So be extra careful. Another factor working against you not contracting Bali tummy are stress and aircraft lag. So especially when you land in Bali, adapt to the new weather slowly as opposed to throwing yourself right into the action.

Keep Restaurant Standards High

When you don’t have much effect on the cleanliness involved in preparing food and tableware hygiene, read up on reviews if you would like to go to specific restaurants on Bali. Have got a quick look into the kitchen and check out the bathroom. In case everything looks neat and there is enough cleaning soap, chances are that everything will be fine.

When you are not wanting to eat recently prepared dishes in restaurants and cafes but rather at street vendors or from buffets, the risk of contracting Bali belly boosts. Always be certain your food is adequately hot and grilled throughout. Especially rice evolves bacteria fast if it cools down or hasn’t been reheated enough.

Watch the Water

Another factor is tap water. Whilst it is normally potable in Bali, most people do not drink it. Nevertheless if you don’t feel it’s safe to drink, don’t make use of it for your final dish rinse, on your toothbrush and don’t shower with your mouth open. This means avoiding raw foods as they are usually washed with tap water. Ice dé with a hole in it are safe to consume as they were produced in a factory.

A new no brainer but often shamefully overlooked is proper hygiene. This includes you – not simply the person preparing food. After going to the toilet and before preparing or coming in contact with food, wash your palms for 20 seconds with soap and dry them completely. Also let your dishes dry completely before using them. Remember, touch water might have recently been the culprit if you get Bali belly.

Get a Preventive Vaccine

To avoid sickness caused by enterotoxigenic E. coli (ETEC) bacterias, you could ask your doctor for a cholera vaccination. This ingestible shot, the primary brand is Dukoral, will create a very small dosis of dead cholera bacteria and nontoxic components of cholera toxin with your body, creating antibodies. An individual take two doses between one and six weeks apart.

Avoid tap normal water contact – including cleaning your teeth, eating uncooked foods and making glaciers cubes; or at minimum boil it
Drink bottled water or carbonated refreshments and make sure the seal is still unchanged
Avoid certain types of food – raw fruit and veggies, raw/undercooked lean meats, seafood, (open) condiments, unpasteurized dairy, non-hot rice
Exercise good hygiene – wash your hands well for 20 seconds and dry out them (as well as your dishes) before pressing food, use sanitiser

What to Do For Diarrhea Treatment

Not in good cases, you can get a fever but it will surely topple your system out like it did for me. Inside that case, make relaxing for a few times your main priority and stay near to a rest room well stored with toilet paper. Do not go out unless you really have to. Maybe someone else can hit the pharmacy for you? Sleeping and drinking as much as possible should be your priority in severe cases of Bali belly.
Get the Right Diarrhoea Medicine

The most accessible and easy traveller‘s diarrhea medicine is medicinal charcoal. Ask your pharmacist for dosage, but generally you will take your pills three times daily for three days or until your stool ahs solidified. Typically the coal will line your stomach and keep dangerous bacteria from getting too attached to you so you can discharge them more easily.

This is also why you should stay away from taking anti-diarrheal products that will clog you up (and keep the toxins, bacteria, parasites or viruses in), like Imodium. If you are travelling and simply cannot trust your stomach or the toilet situation, immodium is a good idea.

If you believe like your severe diarrhea achievement out of palm, don’t wait to see a medical doctor. Local doctors great in that respect because they are much more knowledgeable about potential local causes, such as parasites, than your medical professional at home might be. Antibiotics are sometimes approved as diarrhea medicine but those should be a last resort from what I understand.

Modify your Diet

Once you have general diarrhea, you need to adapt your diet as well. Try plain rice, rice porridge, oats,, semolina custard, bananas, unsweet ill-flavored applesauce or toast. Stick to super bland foods, avoid spices without exceptions and drink a lot of liquids.

It’s best to drink clear liquids in the first 24 hours. This specific means, no juices or blends and especially no alcohol, caffeinated or carbonated refreshments. To help replace all the electrolytes you will undoubtedly lose to Bali belly, resort to isotonic sports drinks, such as Powerade and Pocari Perspire, and electrolyte replacement salts and powder, like Oralit. They really work amazing things. (Just choose the ones with the lowest sugar levels. )

Drink herbal teas, including chamomile and peppermint. Eat light as well as stay away from fatty meals. Other items you can drink include fresh coconut, yokult and other probiotic drinks. But do not neglect to listen to your gut and see how you feel like. Bring it slow.

Should You Be Afraid of Bali Belly?

Absolutely not. Traveller’s diarrhea, as the name suggests, can happen during your travels. Anyplace in the world. At any time. There is simply so much you can do to prevent it. Wash your hands, santisise, stay away from tap water and ready your own food with your own cleaned sets of kitchen utensils. But honestly, that is not realistic on the road, is it?

Foods poisoning isn’t life threatening and – as a precaution – you should travel with a medi kit including sets of medicinal charcoal and painkillers anyway. I additionally throw in a thermometer to evaluate for fever and have unexpected emergency numbers of every country I travel to saved in my phone. Probabilities are you will not be in the midsection of nowhere and not utterly alone. People are kind and will help others in need.

But with Bali belly, you will feel it coming and it will be fine after 1-3 days. Thus enjoy your Bali journeys as much as possible and rest if traveller’s diarrhea strikes you down after all so don’t miss out on too many days by dragging out the illness.


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