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Why go?

Incredible nature, green rice terraces, great beaches,
enchanting Hindu temple ceremonies, fresh tropical fruits,
enjoyable climate, amazing atmosphere and of course truly
friendly local people. This small island offers so much. It will
suit people with different lifestyles, from yogis to party
lovers, from hikers to surfers, from adventure seekers to
people who want to just relax at the resort.

Culture and religion.

Bali’s culture is unique and it affects almost every aspect of life on the island and can be felt everywhere. You can’t miss religion in Bali, the Balinese version of Hinduism is what makes Bali so charming for visitors; there are more than 10,000 temples.
Balinese believe that spirits are everywhere, good spirits dwell in the mountains and bring abundance to to the people and evil spirits desolate beaches. When you will arrive to Bali, you will see offerings everywhere, they are made every morning to “pay” to the good spirits and calm the bad ones.

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