Bali Weather & Seasons

Bali weather follows two seasons: dry and wet, although you can expect mostly warm and humid days throughout the year. The dry season is May to September. This offers sunny days and an average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. Most consider the mid-year period to be the best time to go to Bali. You can expect a good balance between sun, sand and surf during the time. Wet season is October to April with occasional downpours and overcast skies. Windy months are between June and August.

Best Time to Go to Bali May to August!

Preferences may vary regarding Bali weather. However, for generally cooler times in Bali, best time to visit is May to August. This is when humidity levels on the island are at their lowest. During this period the air is drier and pleasant for outdoor activities and overland sightseeing tours. The skies in Bali are also clear and blue during this time

Hottest Time in Bali

The hottest months in Bali are April and October, when daytime temperatures can rise up to 32 degrees Celsius. Humidity levels in the coastal areas can reach up to 75%. The island receives an ample 12 hours of sunlight with average daytime temperatures. It can range from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius during these times. Meanwhile, average daytime temperatures in the cooler highlands average from 21 to 27 degrees Celsius

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