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Visit Bali Indonesia is a community website for travelers across the region to share knowledge and tips with others. We aim to keep this website as up to date as possible, but we can’t do that without your help!

Bali is changing all the time. To suggest an edit or an update please contact us. If you’d like to submit your own article or write a travel guide then you can do so via the form below!

What do writers get in return for their contributions?
Although we don’t have any money to pay for travel writers. We can offer you something truly unique. Unlike other travel blogs, we hand over the perks of running a travel website over to you!

We often get asked to stay at hostels for free, try out trips and tours, and attend festivals in exchange for writing an honest review on our website. We open these opportunities up to our newsletter subscribers. (Sign up to stay updated.)

Back Links: We can provide a link to your travel blog and/or social media accounts so that people who read the article can find out more about you. However, for those of you looking for SEO juice, we regret that due to the sheer number of contributions we get to this website, we must make the link a no-follow.

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What type of writing are we looking for?
Featured articles
Featured articles can be opinion pieces, destination spotlights, a story about a recent travel experience or an opinion on a particular aspect of travel in Bali.

We are open to writing that’s tongue in cheek, as well as serious travel advice. See our latest articles here.

Travel guides
Before submitting a travel guide, please check that we haven’t already covered it on our website. (See the portal to all of our travel guides here.) If we’ve already published a guide to the place you had in mind, it’s better to updates via our contact formthan to submit a new guide. We will still credit the new information with your name if you like, or if you wish to remain anonymous that’s fine.

How we usually structure our travel guides
Introduction – Write a few attention-grabbing paragraphs that sum up the place that you have just visited. Remember, destination guides don’t always have to be positive. If you’ve got something negative to say about this place, be honest!

Places to stay – Tell us about the particular areas that are best suited for backpackers. If you like you can recommend specific hostels/guesthouses that you visited during your trip.
Things to eat (optional section) – If you’re a food lover (like us), you may like to include an extra section on must-try dishes whilst in your destination.

Things to do – Tell us how to spend our time, a bulleted list of at least six worthwhile activities.
Getting there – Let us know how to reach this destination. Is it best to fly? Bus it? Walk? Parachute in from a private helicopter? (If so, we think you should try writing for another website)

Where to go next? Lastly, recommend a couple of places that are logical to visit next after this destination.

FAQs for Writers
How many words should my article or travel guide be? The more the better! If you’ve got a lot to say, then go for it! Some of the best travel guides on this website are 5,000+ words plus. The minimum is 1,000 words.

How am I credited for my article? Along with your article or travel guide, please send us a few sentences about you; where you’re from, where you’ve travelled and any other relevant info. We’re happy to include links to your personal travel blog and social networking sites (please note, these will be no-follow links.)

Should I include photos? Yes, please! If you have any problems uploading photos with the form above, please send them to [email protected] We want photos of the landscape, food and any activities you tried. Selfies, not so much.

What if I have a great article, but no photos? You can either find some ‘usage rights’ free images on Google and send them to us. Or, you can just submit your article and we can use some from our photo bank. It’s up to you.

Should I include links within my article? You can include relevant links to relevant travel articles or websites where people can find more information about what you’re talking about if you like.

How long should my bio be? Just a few sentences about you; where you’re from and where you’ve travelled.

Will you share my article on social media? Yes! We want to share your article with as many people as possible. If you have a page for your travel blog on Facebook, we’ll link to it and tag you on Twitter and Instagram.

Can I send an article that I’ve already published on my own blog? To avoid penalties from Google, we cannot publish an article that has already been published on your own blog or elsewhere online, so please do not just copy and paste one of your own blog articles. The article must be 100% unique.