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Indonesian+ Balinese

Population of Bali




Capital of Bali


Currency of Indonesia – Rupiah


General Bali Info

Why go?

Incredible nature, green rice terraces, great beaches,
enchanting Hindu temple ceremonies, fresh tropical fruits,
enjoyable climate, amazing atmosphere and of course truly
friendly local people. This small island offers so much. It will
suit people with different lifestyles, from yogis to party
lovers, from hikers to surfers, from adventure seekers to
people who want to just relax at the resort.


Culture and religion

Bali’s culture is unique and it affects almost every aspect of life on the island and can be felt everywhere. You can’t miss religion in Bali, the Balinese version of Hinduism is what makes Bali so charming for visitors; there are more than 10,000 temples.
Balinese believe that spirits are everywhere, good spirits dwell in the mountains and bring abundance to to the people and evil spirits desolate beaches. When you will arrive to Bali, you will see offerings everywhere, they are made every morning to “pay” to the good spirits and calm the bad ones.

Fun fact

Traditional naming customs are simple and can be used for both men and women. The order of names with variations for different regions

First born Wayan (Gede, Putu)
Second born Made (Kadek, Ngurah)
Third born Nyoman (Komang)
Fourth born Ketut


When is the best time to go to Bali?

The best time to visit the island depends on two factors: weather and the high/low season.

Rainy & Hot Oct-Mar – Low

Bali has a year-round warm, tropical, and humid climate with only two seasons: rainy and dry. The rainy season lasts from the mid of October to March and the dry season lasts from April to October. The average daily temperature is 80° F (28°C).

Dry & Chill June-Sep – High

The high season in Bali is from June to September as well as through the Christmas and New Year holidays (about December 11th to January 1st). Bali is busiest during this time, and prices are the highest.

P.S. many people think that you should avoid the wet season, but in my opinion Bali can by enjoyed all year long. It’s still pleasant to visit during the rainy season – rainfall usually only lasts a few hours, not on a daily basis, and most probably is not going to ruin your trip.


The Visa on Arrival is back!

($35 USD 30 days visas)

After 2 years, the Indonesian government has re-introduced the Visa on Arrival for 60 nationalities. We expect that over the course of the next few months more nationalities will be added to the list – but for now, nobody knows which and when. 

Social/ business e-visa 


Bali with a ‘social and business’ e-Visa. This visa allows you can stay up to 2 months. If you plan to stay more than 2 months, this visa can be extended 4 times for 30 days per each extension (120 days more making it 6 months in total).


Bali is the second-most common destination in Indonesia
and has one airport located in the Southern part of the
island – Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS)

TAXI to and from the airport

At the airport arrival area, you will be able to find taxi companies operating. Prices depend on the location of your hotel and can be slightly varied. To get the best deal, you will have to leave the airport’s premises and order an online taxi (read further in the guide). However, if you want your arrival to go smoothly, it is advised to order a driver before your arrival (it is possible to find them on Facebook, etc.).

Destination                   Price
Canggu                         225.000 IDR ($16)

Seminyak                      150.000 IDR ($11)

Ubud                               300.000 IDR ($11)

South of Bali                  250.000 IDR ($18)

North of Bali                  700.000 IDR ($50)

East of Bali                    700.000 IDR ($50)



ATMs are available and credit cards are accepted in cities and tourist areas. If you don’t have a card that does not charge you for international withdraw, then expect to pay around 14.000-57.000 IDR ($1-4) per transaction. That’s why it is better to withdraw a bigger amount of money once, instead of going often pulling smaller amounts. Most ATMs in Bali allow a maximum withdrawal of 1.250.000 to 3.000.000 I DR ($88-212) per transaction.

ATM Safety

ATM scams can happen in Bali. Some thiefs can install a skimming device on a bank machine. So always use ATMs that feel safe, e.g. it’s situated in the bank, has a camera, or a guardian.
Also, I recommend you store your money in a deposit/savings account rather than on a current account so that nothing can be withdrawn in case your card details get stolen by a skimming device. My bank has a feature of transferring between current account and deposit in a matter of seconds, which allows me to be worry-free about my money.
Also, I advise you to take several cards with you, in case something happens with one of your cards.

Recommended ATMs


You can’t pay with your card everywhere, for ex. you will need cash if you go to the souvenir market, buy fruits at a local fruit shop, pay for parking or eat in local cafes. Cash is preferable in Bali. Especially when traveling to remote areas.

Currency Exchange

The official currency for Bali and entire Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or also shown as Rp. The best money changers are BMC and Central Kuta Money Exchange, they have the best exchange rates.

Tips on Exchanging Money in Bali

* Choose money changers their primary business is to change money, and located in a trusted building
* Double check using your own calculator to make sure you will get the right amount
* Don’t leave the counter before counting the money you’ve received
* Don’t change your money to IDR in your country, the rate is not good. It’s better if you come to Bali with USD and exchange money here
* Always compare the actual rates you’re getting on the internet. Never assume that “zero commission” means the deal will be better


Stay Safe

Bali is a safe place to travel – even if you are traveling by yourself. Violent attacks are rare here.

Safe travels on a bike

The most common type of crime in Bali is petty theft, especially be very aware when you are driving on a scooter. Always hide your phone and put your bag to the trunk. Use GPS only with headphones, always stop whenever you need to look up something on your screen!

No Drugs

Don’t use any illegal drugs. Indonesian drug laws are one of the strictest in Southeast Asia. Punishment for possession and trafficking is very strict, including life imprisonment and death penalty.


SIM cards and INTERNET

SIM cards
Cheap local SIM cards are sold everywhere with widespread 4G data. The most convenient yet expensive way is to buy a SIM card at the airport. However, for the best price, you will have to look at special stores in lively areas of the city you will stay at.


It’s the most expensive cell service provider, but it offers the fastest internet and has the best coverage throughout the island. We recommend it for most travelers. 100.000 IDR ($7) for 10GB of internet valid for 30 days


Laundry service is relatively cheap in Bali and you can find them everywhere in touristic cities. Average price is 10.000-20.000 IDR ($0.7-1.4) per kilo. Hotels always offer laundry services for your convenience at a higher price.


Blue Bird Taxi

Is the most trusted taxi operator in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. You can book a Blue Bird taxi via your phone, simply download their app. 

Gojek and Grab

this is a local “Uber” here and the most popular transportation mode. Prices are cheaper than Blue Bird Taxi, but in some parts of Bali, Go-Jek and Grab drivers are banned. The drivers can drop off guests, but are not allowed to pick up new passengers. For this reason, Go-Jek and Grab drivers are rarely available in these areas: Canggu, Ubud, North coast (Pemuteran, Lavina), East coast (Tulamben, Amed). Advice: if driver texts you that he cannot pick you up, you should move a bit to the next street where there are no local drivers.

Call a Motorbike taxi 

If you can’t ride a bike but you want to, you can use a scooter taxi and ride wherever you want. Simply download the GOJEK or GRAB App and select
“Go-ride” from the options – the icon is a motorbike carrying a passenger. When I couldn’t ride a scooter, I used this option a lot. Generally speaking, if a ride takes less than 30 minutes, then people always use this option. Scooter enables the driver to pass all the car traffic and you will be at your destination way faster than with a car.


The most popular and fun way to travel around the island is by motorbike. But you have to be very careful and a good driver to travel the island by scooter, as it can be dangerous if you don’t feel confident on the road. Using helmet is a must!
Prices Per Day: 50.000-100.000 IDR ($4-7)
Per Week: 350.000-700.000 IDR or ($25-50)
Per Month: 700.000-1.800.000 I DR or ($49-127)

Quick tips

1) if you found a place with higher prices try to bargain or find another rental;
2) you do not have to leave your passport at the rental, sometimes they ask for a deposit:
3) if you are visiting during the rainy season, buy yourself a raincoat (any supermarket) and put it in the trunk, rains start very unexpectedly here.


Drive yourself

The most convenient and comfortable way to travel around the island is by car. You can rent a car from 250.000 I DR ($18) USO per day. Petrol costs around 7.000 ($0.5) I DR per 1 liter.

Get a driver

A much better and more secure option is to hire a driver with his car who will ride you around the island, which costs from 500.000 IDR ($49) per day usually 8 hours) including fuel. The best place to find a driver is on Facebook and then you switch to WhatsApp.