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Are you an animal lover or do you have kids? This park is representing more than 100 species, including rare & endangered species like the Komada Dragon, Orangutan and the Bali Starling bird. Bali Safari Park is at the frontline of wildlife conservation in Indonesia, ensuring the future survival and wellbeing of many Indonesian animal species. Best animal encounters, emotions and photos guaranteed. 560.000 IDR ($40)


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  • Lou Leahy Maguire
    Lou Leahy Maguire
    2 months ago

    We went here under the false illusion that this was a sanctuary for elephants - a safari as indicated in the name of the venue. Our guide had misunderstood our expectation. Couldn’t have been further from the truth. This is a circus and animals are made do tricks. Small enclosures meant animals appeared depressed. Our bags were searched on arrival by what looked like police, however this was so we didn’t bring water into the venue! It was baking hot and our youngest child was thirsty from the get go. Luckily there was very expensive bottles of water being sold on every corner. So many sales staff everywhere that it made the experience super awkward. We had just paid €325 at the door. We were promised ‘afternoon tea’ as part of our ticket price which is a joke! Having sat down in their prison like restaurant, we asked if we could have water instead of tea for the kids - who don’t drink tea. We were only offered tap water as a substitution so left without having any refreshments. We spent less than one hour walking around aimlessly - oh did I not mention that we were given no guidance on how to navigate the venue. Just to be clear this is a very odd and depressing place to be and bares no reflection on all the other experiences we had on the island. We happened upon an elephant enclosure as we were leaving- 2 elephants held in a restricted area. I emailed the management later that day and never got a response. Like their animals, their customers are not important to them once you have paid handsomely at the door. This is not a sanctuary for animals. This is a circus / zoo. There were even staff dressed up as clowns wandering around. Quite bizarre. We had a wonderful stay in Bali. This was the only dampener.

  • Justin
    2 weeks ago

    This is easily one of the best safari parks ever seen. Definitely worth visiting for all age groups. Everyone will find it interesting. Though it was hard to navigate and explore what this venue has to offer. Once we understood how much it is there, we were pleasantly surprised. Make sure you can dedicate 3-5 hours exploring and attending all events in the park.

  • Дима Густой

    Perfect place! I recommend to check into the hotel and enjoy the view of the rhinos, giraffe, zebras and other animals from the room - it's unforgettable! It's cool that after the show you can take pictures with animals. Of the minuses, I would like to highlight: - intrusive drink sellers - Photo. If you have a photographer service, but there is no paid opportunity to receive photos by e-mail, then what is all this for? Paper photos are archaism!

  • Carlyon Christian
    Carlyon Christian
    3 weeks ago

    I've visited a lot of zoos in my life and Bali Safari is easily the best! The place is designed so well that you are pretty much guaranteed to get an up close view of predators such as lions and tigers. They even offer a very safe way for you to feed a white tiger and a school of hungry piranhas. Those combined with fantastic shows makes this a must do in Bali.

  • Adventures with Ryder

    The best zoo we have ever been to! I wish we had of booked to stay here. Loved seeing the animals roaming instead of in cages. Great food choices, shows and souvenirs. We can't wait to come back

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