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Even though Bali is not about shopping, it is definitely enjoyable to visit an air-conditioned mall from time to time with a vast variety of international brands, unique open concept, and award-winning architectural design creating a relaxing atmosphere. If you are missing some clothing in your bag, this is your go-to place.


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  • Paulus Aldo
    Paulus Aldo
    5 months ago

    Nicely designed mall, great tenants, blends in with the Balinese atmosphere. It’s hot in there, but that’s kinda the point, it’s an open air mall. But the stores are well air conditioned. If you want to take a mall trip, but kind of hesitated why should you do that in Bali while you can do that back home, well this is the place for you.

  • Julie Cooke
    Julie Cooke
    in the last week

    We visited this centre half a dozen times in the past 2 weeks and it is clean, bright and interesting. You must show vaccination certificate, wear a mask and have your bags checked every time you enter.the food court upstairs is very cheap but also hot as it’s open air. The shops are mainly high end, no bargains and there is a good Guardian. Chemist and small supermarket downstairs.

  • Adventures with Ryder

    This shopping centre was absolutely stunning. Well designed, extremely cool with so much to see. A very random find in Kuta. Strict entry and must show vaccine certificate and wear a mask at all times. The shops and food were quite expensive and not why we come to Bali. Also as it is a indoor/outdoor shopping centre there was no where to go to escape the heat, even when eating. We wouldn't come back.

  • Mustafa Irfanli
    Mustafa Irfanli
    3 weeks ago

    It is a very large three level non square round shaped shopping centre. Interesting architecture and design. It has almost all known brands and big ticketed shops and plenty of different restaurants and fast food outlets under cover. Large gardens and water canal /pond with full of large and colourful gold fish in it running along side of centre gardens. Top level has cinema and entertainment complex for movie lovers to get rest after tiring shopping run. It's an interesting experience to be there.

  • KJ Sethna
    KJ Sethna
    a month ago

    I went here with my best friend to grab some food. Epic!? The shops are just the same as any country but the food court is to die for! Amenities seems clean enough. Shop options are many( i would recommend going one street down and shopping on the road ) The only funny part was the entrance where they wanted to do a vaccine check 😂😂. I told them I wouldn't be able to enter their country without that. A bit silly if you ask me.

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