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Next surf spot and the same stretch of sand after Batu Belong beach with bars, cafes & sunset views. Also not good for swimming, but great for surfing. There are many dog lovers walking their babies all day long, so watch your step


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  • Nihir Morzaria
    Nihir Morzaria
    10 months ago

    This is not Berawa Beach. This is Perancak Beach. Used to be almost exclusively local with a really great atmosphere. Inevitably every centimetre of beach in this area gets overrun with endless beach bars. That transition is already well underway.

  • Carlos
    10 months ago

    Beach is nice for a walk or water sports, but a lot of dogs are there, what is OK. But also people with dogs and they shitting the whole beach full and most of them don’t taking the poo with them, just simply left them on the beach. Good place for wearing all the time your sandals :)

  • Robert Bravo
    Robert Bravo
    a week ago

    beautiful beach with soothing waves, the beach is not too crowded with visitors especially during the day, also suitable for seeking tranquility.

  • Normal Duck
    Normal Duck
    a month ago

    Very cool view, so many tourists here. Definitely a tourist hotspot

  • Tya
    2 months ago

    Right in front of finns beach club. When i was here in 2021, it wasn't crowded at all. Super nice place to catch sunset.

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