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Best hiking trail in the centre of Ubud filled with greenery and hills. A beautiful jungle exploration for the beginning of your day that has several photo worthy angles. Try to start at sunrise around 6-7am to avoid the crowds and getting sunburned. After you will walk for 1 km through the trail, you will find some artshops, cafes, massage places, etc. where it’s nice to have a break.


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  • Lia Sucen
    Lia Sucen
    a year ago

    always be my fav for morning and evening walk ❤

  • Nittra Namrung
    Nittra Namrung
    a month ago

    I enjoy the past, no guide needed. You are free to walk at any hour and day. I started from the beginning to the end, went on a rainy day which was unexpected. However I still enjoyed it. Highly recommend for a walk. Nothing much to see more than just beautiful nature, not much houses in the view. Great path for a walk

  • Melinda Ang
    Melinda Ang
    a year ago

    Lovely free walk. Google maps didn't show exact entrance, but friendly locals pointed it out at the end/start of the bridge where a local hospitality school is located. Imagine going to school in these gorgeous parts! It's a short but scenic 2km walk to the first of several cafes and home stays. If you forget to bring water, stop at a cafe for a whole coconut, juice or beer.

  • Orchid Annelies
    Orchid Annelies
    a year ago

    Just out of expectations, not to special

  • Jen's Daily Joy
    Jen's Daily Joy
    a month ago

    Sorry, but I'm gonna say skip it. If you are looking for something free to do, this can be it. It's hot, steps and stones are not even so it can be tricky for some, especially if you go for sunset and it gets dark one the way down. That said bring a flashlight. Very dark! The growth along the sides of the trail is so high you can't see much along the way.

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