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A restaurant, a bar, and a grand party place situated in the heart of Seminyak and quoted as truly one of Bali’s most exquisite hotspots. A completely crazy and magical experience, it drew its original concept and vintage design, intimate cozy heavily decorated corners, and graffiti and stencil art adorned walls from around the globe! Inspired by the jungles of Bali and Indonesia, the favelas of Rio to the underground bars and clubs of London and New York through the early 90s, La Favela was designed to captivate.


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  • carlos ayuso las lenguas

    Great looking place. Prices are high and portions quite small but good quality in general. Service is great and really attentive. Music was great! Not to loud not too down! Make sure you bring something to put on as it can get chilly (ac is really strong) and no flip flops allowed! 🙂

  • Vaidas P.
    Vaidas P.
    4 months ago

    Great jungle motif open space interior and good crowd, busy everyday. Great party atmosphere for a night out and meeting new people, always full of tourists. Definitely a go to place if you like a night out and having a good time partying. But can also find more chilled corners inside.

  • 杰Victor
    a month ago

    Top notch service The security is always on high alert and very hospitable. The service is very fast and precise They'll escort people who've had too much to the toilet and clean up their mess swiftly. Always have a good vibe. The DJ on Monday is very good, they transition from song to song really well, almost perfect. (Although it could be a coincidence that I went there twice both on Mondays and get the same DJ on different occasion, idk anything about their DJ situation)

  • Adam Cohen
    Adam Cohen
    2 months ago

    I’m only giving this place two stars because security was impressive . Other than that it was a really smelly, crammed and over-priced venue. You weren’t allowed to take photos also. What’s the point of having interesting decor if you can’t take pictures. Drinks were watered down entrance and exit points weren’t clear scooter parking is non existent. Disaster waiting to happen.

  • Hanie Nguyen
    Hanie Nguyen
    3 months ago

    We had a good dinner with all you can eat for 250k. Some dishes were very salty while some were delicious. Highly recommend the Meats section if you go for all you can eat.

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