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Also known as “Ubud Rice Fields”, Tegalalang Rice Terrace is located north of Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali. It has been cited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site & opens 7 days a week from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. There is an entrance fee, possibly IDR15,000 (Aug 2020). The best times to visit is probably in the morning or after 5:00 pm when there are the least number of tourists & when it’s not so hot. Also, if you want to see the rice terrace at their greenest, consider going in the months of March & October as that’s when the paddy is about to harvest.

The traditional irrigation system is still being used right up to present day. According to history, it was started in the 8th century. The water comes from surrounding rivers & mountains. Farmers had built water canals to allow the water to flow from 1 field to the other. The pathway along the rice terrace is also very narrow.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is located 600 metres above sea level. Thus, some might consider the average air temperature of 24 degrees Celsius in the day to be far from comfortable.



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  • W F
    W F
    4 months ago

    There are several entrance points to see the rice terraces. I feel like it was a tourist trap, where you pay a lot of money just to take a picture on a swing. And then they don’t tell you that the terraces are harvest so you only see sad empty brown fields. Don’t go here. Take a scooter and drive in to the fields for a better view. It’s free and more enjoyable.

  • Rachel Kay
    Rachel Kay
    8 months ago

    Visiting the rice fields is a must when in Bali! I felt so connected to Bali while walking around and seeing the rice fields. Bali has so many rice paddies so it’s a quintessential part of the Balinese life and culture. It’s quite a hike, so take comfortable shoes, preferably water proof shoes. I slipped into some of the soil and water and was soaked way above my ankle. I also heard loads and loads of people slipping and falling on some of the rocky areas. The beginning of the trail is particularly steep with nothing to hold on to; my driver had to help me down, so be mindful of this. Other than that, it was a great adventure! I went on my own and left feeling very fulfilled.

  • Dirk Peeters
    Dirk Peeters
    11 months ago

    One can see that this once was a beautiful place to wander around. Today the terraces are impossible to see from the street because of the hundreds of shops and bars blocking all view. Once on the terraces, one gets asked for a "voluntary " contribution several times without any apparent reason. This with the fact one can expect hundreds of people (tourists) make me conclude that this place fits the definition of a tourist trap nicely.

  • Andrew Sieg
    Andrew Sieg
    a month ago

    A little gimmicky but worth a quick stop. This terrace is a but north of Ubud which makes it easy if you are in the area. The spot is pretty touristy so expect an entrance fee, kids following you for change, etc. With that being said even after fours years in Asia this is a stunning view. You can try a cliff swing with friendly locals or have a Balinese coffee while soaking in the sight. I was only here for five minutes but didn't regret it. If I have friends or family visit I will take them here.

  • Bruno Van Holland
    Bruno Van Holland
    a month ago

    So much fun!!! The swing is huge and there are a bunch of great photo spots. The guys working there were amazing at taking pictures for us. We both highly recommend going to this swing, don't forget to get a coconut after the walk

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