ATMs are available and credit cards are accepted in cities and tourist areas. If you don’t have a card that does not charge you for international withdraw, then expect to pay around 14.000-57.000 IDR ($1-4) per transaction. That’s why it is better to withdraw a bigger amount of money once, instead of going often pulling smaller amounts. Most ATMs in Bali allow a maximum withdrawal of 1.250.000 to 3.000.000 I DR ($88-212) per transaction.

ATM Safety

ATM scams can happen in Bali. Some thiefs can install skimming device on a bank machine. So always use ATMs that feel safe, e.g. it’s situated in the bank, has a camera, or a guardian.
Also, I recommend you to store your money on a deposit/savings account rather than on a current account, so that nothing can be withdrawn in case your card details get stolen by a skimming device. My bank has a feature of transferring between current account and deposit in a matter of seconds, which allows me to be worry-free about my money.
Also, I advise you to take several cards with you, in case something happens with one of your cards.


You can’t pay with your card everywhere, for ex. you will need cash if you go to the souvenir market, buy fruits at a local fruit shop, pay for parking or eat in local cafes. Cash is preferable in Bali. Especially when traveling to remote areas.

Currency Exchange

The official currency for Bali and entire Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or also shown as Rp. The best money changers are BMC and Central Kuta Money Exchange, they have the best exchange rates.

Tips on Exchanging Money in Bali

* Choose money changers that their primary business is to change money, and located in a trusted building
* Double check using your own calculator to make sure you will get the right amount
* Don’t leave the counter before counting the money you’ve received
* Don’t change your money to IDR in your country, the rate is not good. It’s better if you come to Bali with USD and exchange money here
* Always compare the actual rates you’re getting on the internet. Never assume that “zero commission” means the deal will be better

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