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Omnia Bali


Product Description

Beach clubs dapple the Indonesian island of Bali, but some stand out like a shining star in a greater constellation. Omnia is one of those clubs that reminisces a steadfast destination more than just a simple landing place. It’s a multifaceted, upscale endeavor for those travelers who admire the finer things in life, all the while surrounding guests with a sense of community that cannot be imitated.


Now, this is a day club that understands the energy of the sun. With an aesthetic that honors the tropical nature that surrounds it, Omnia Bali stands on a foundation of enthusiasm. Kick back in the comfortable lounge, soak up killer beats in front of the DJ booth, take a shimmering seat beside The Cube—whatever you do, Omnia’s aim is for you to make the most of the moment.

For the VIP experience of a lifetime, go ahead and inhabit the private cabanas and bungalows at Omnia. These spaces are augmented by personalized, attentive service. It’s here you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday unclouded by the minutiae, instead of reveling in the big picture that is beautiful Bali. Whatever your status, make use of the sprawling pool and either the waterborne or landlocked bar. With killer music and entertainment act every day of the week, we have all the evidence we need to believe that Omnia is in the party game for all the right reasons.


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