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Travel Insurance

9 reasons why you need to get travel insurance for your next trip

Whether you’re going to Bali, Indonesia, Thailand or any other long-distance destination, I highly recommend you consider getting a good quality travel insurance plan.

When you travel away from home you need to expect the unexpected… Whether it’s a minor car crash, a sports injury, natural disaster or anything else that can rack up huge bills, you need to be covered.

We personally use World Nomads. You can get an instant quote from them on the widget down below.

I’ve found them to be highly affordable and they have comprehensive plans that cover just about anything that could go wrong while you’re out adventuring around the world.

In case you need some
more convincing:

Below are my top 9 reasons why you need to get travel insurance for your next trip.

Get reimbursed for:

1) Medical emergencies
2) Loss, theft or damage of baggage
3) Trip cancellation, delay or interruption
4) Emergency evacuation

Other reasons why you need it:

5) Enjoy peace of mind while traveling
6) Claim online or call 24-hour phone support
7) It costs a fraction of your total trip
8) You probably can’t afford not to be insured
9) Have the confidence to fully experience your journey